C’est Bon, Indeed

During hunting season a group of us gathered at C’est Bon in Mermentau, near Jennings, Louisiana (Check the Bite and Booze Map and try to find it if you have no clue where that is!).  C’est Bon is a truly Cajun restaurant where you can find fantastically fresh boiled seafood and deep-fried morsels of various edible creatures.  The night before our duck hunt, Brent, Billy, P, Stanford, and I hit up this oasis of a dining experience in the middle of nowhere for some spicy and delightful treats.
C’est Bon in Mermentau, Louisiana
As with any good back woods restaurant, C’est Bon completes its ambiance with a selection mounted deer and ducks on the walls.  There is nothing like eating spicy crawfish and succulent shrimp under the watchful gaze stuffed wildlife!  I love getting out of the city!
One of the Dining Rooms at C’est Bon
I wanted to make sure to sample some variety at C’est Bon so I actually made two orders and was happy to share a taste of everything with the rest of the crew that were all eating boiled crawfish.  My first plate contained a half order of crawfish etoufee and a half order of fried oysters.  By half order, they clearly meant “half a plate.”  The golden fried oysters sat piled high on top of a mound of French fries while the etoufee was served over some Louisiana rice.  Both dishes had tremendous flavor and were excellently seasoned.  The oysters had that unique texture that I’ve only found in superbly fried Gulf oysters.  The crispy and delicious outside cracked open and released the delicate mollusk from within.  The crawfish etoufee was clearly cooked by a Cajun.  The dish featured a great blend of spices for a complex and comforting taste that is so unique to Louisiana.  If you are reading this from out-of-state, you really don’t know what you are missing.  I suggest you plan a trip soon!
Crawfish Etoufee and Fried Oysters
The second serving of food that I ordered featured a couple pounds of boiled shrimp along with some corn and potatoes.  Shrimp are another sea creature that I enjoy no matter how they are cooked, but sometimes using the simplest cooking methods is the best way to go.  These shrimp were boiled in just enough Cajun seasoning to give them a kick while still allowing the taste of the shrimp tails to be the highlight of each bite.  C’est Bon, indeed.
Boiled Shrimp with Corn and Potatoes
C'est Bon on Urbanspoon
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